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Pre-baby Vacations for Expecting Parents

Pre-baby Vacations for Expecting Parents

Pre-baby holidays are one of the hottest trends in travel today - and for good reason, as parents-to-be know that luxury holidays-for-two may be out of reach for a while, so they’re seizing the opportunity for one last romantic escape.
Our 'Babymoons' have been created with the gentle, relaxing and luxurious wellbeing of moms-and-dads-to-be first and foremost in our minds. After all, we are parents as well as avid travellers ourselves and we fully recognise and appreciate the need for a soothing and luxurious break as a prelude to parenthood.

When To Babymoon
You may find that your second trimester– weeks 14 to 27 – is the most comfortable time to travel. Morning sickness is behind you and your energy levels are higher.
If you're carrying one baby and you've had an uncomplicated pregnancy, then you can fly up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. However, airlines are sometimes unwilling to carry women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant because of the risk of premature labour.
Ticket agents won't ask if you're pregnant when you book a seat, but you could be questioned about your due date at the gate. In fact, an airline can bar you from travel if they are worried about how far along in your pregnancy you are. To avoid delays – and more importantly, to confirm it's safe for you to fly – get written permission to fly from your doctor or midwife. The letter should confirm your due date, and state that you have been examined and are not likely to go into labour in the next 72 hours.

Why To Babymoon in Greece
Greece has a fantastically varied nature, the world's third-largest coastline noted for its magnificent beaches, untold hundreds of beautiful and unique islands, magically idyllic spots in the hinterland, accommodation from luxury boutique hotels to grand resorts to small and cozy lodgings, a deep civilisation reaching back to the distant millenia of myths and heroes and a vibrant and welcoming modern society. After all, we even had a major deity for hospitality since our ancient days - Xenios Zeus (Jupiter the Hospitable)!
We have carefully selected the locations in Greece for our Babymoons so as to minimise travel time: thankfully, Greece is served by direct flights from Europe and elsewhere to a large number of top destinations, including Athens, Kalamata, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Corfu and so on... We also ensure that you will have access to quality medical facilities near your babymoon destination should the need arise.

Why Zen Travel
Because we are professionals with a deep knowledge of Greece and a natural passion to create, assist and support the people that wish to discover and be pampered. We love our corner of the world and we genuinely enjoy the opportunity to offer the real Greece to travellers from abroad.
We know that you have lot on your minds these days and planning your babymoon, much as you'd like to go on one, may not be a priority so let us do all the planning for you to reflect your personal preferences on your way to your unforgettable, soothing and luxurious babymoon in this fabulous land of sun, sand, sea and ancient legends.

Please contact us for more detailed information, prices, availability and special offers.

Zen Travel: we go the extra mile to turn all yours to smiles

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Babymoons vacations, the zen experienceBabymoons vacations... total relaxation.Balos bay, area of Chania, Crete
Dusk hour, Oia, SantoriniFamily visit to the colourful archaeological site of Knossos, CreteGolf, a sport you can both practice, Messinia, Peloponnese
Indulge yourself in SantoriniIpsos beach, CorfuLindos bay, Rhodes
Paleokastritsa beach, CorfuPicturesque old port of Chania, CreteSparkling Elafonissi beach, Western Crete
The old town of RhodesThe romantic old town of CorfuVoidokilia area, Messinia, Peloponnese