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Packages, tours, sightseeing, thematic and specialist packages and tours (inbound)

Packages, tours, sightseeing, thematic and specialist packages and tours (inbound)

Greece is a magnificently varied country, both in terms of its nature, its ancient civilisation and its vibrant society. 

To assist and support you in your quest to discover Greece, be it generally or in a more detailed and specialised way, Zen Travel researches, designs and offers a wide selection of tours and packages to suit a broad spectrum of activities, themes and interests.

Our tours and services include well-researched thematic programmes, some of which no-one else offers and which instil the discerning traveller with the rich natural, historical, cultural and classical essences of Greece. We also excel in conceiving innovative as well as socially-conscious programmes, such as diabetic tourism.

Our packages include:

  • Luxury hotel and resort collection for highly-discerning clients.
  • Our very extensive “Get to Know” series of very popular introductory tours to key locations in Greece of broad historical and cultural interest.
  • Ancient monuments of Greece’s rich classical legacy, in combination with natural monuments of breathtaking beauty.
  • Spa, wellness and health. The rich and complicated geology of Greece has spawned a pleiad of thermal springs as well as other bio-active locations. In conjunction with our seas and magnificent nature, you will always be able to find, with our advice and help, that particular spot that will soothe your body and calm your spirit.
  • Medical tourism at renowned specialist and multi-disciplinary clinics in Athens.
  • Slow food and gourmet discoveries, in reflection of the seminal interaction between Greece"s rich and varied history and its culinary traditions.
  • The labours of Heracles : tour of the settings where the legendary labours took place, as recited by Hellenic mythology.
  • Interactive relaxation techniques at the ancient theatre of Epidavros.
  • Battlefields of Ancient Greece, where the fortunes of Europe were cast.
  • The Roads of Wine. Viniculture in Greece stems back thousands of years, while the country boasts some of the best wines in the world. Join us in visiting famed vineyard regions, including visits to prime wineries.
  • The Roads of Olives and Olive Oil. Olives and olive oil are synonymous with Greece and there is no better way to get to know these noble gifts of nature than to let Zen Travel introduce the olive trees in their groves in the countryside, the collection of the olives and the production of olive oil. 
  • Action and Activities - Hang-gliding, Cycling, Hiking, Climbing, Canyoning, Kayaking, Water Sports and other selected sports. 
  • Geological tourism / Volcanic tourism. Greece owes the beauty and variety of its mountains, volcanoes, lakes, promontories and rocky outcrops, valleys, islands and bays to its tumultuous geology. Join us in discovering the geological treasures of Greece and its major volcanoes.
  • Academic and educational tourism.
  • Tailor-made / bespoke travel for discerning individuals and for individuals and groups with special interests.
  • Alpine tourism and sports (Austria).
We are ready to respond to your requirements with quality, flair and reliability.

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