The essence of Greece
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Zen Travel excels in conceiving, creating and offering quality-driven services with competitive pricing, making your journey easy and worry-free.

From small luxury hotels full of character in a quiet retreat of the magical Greek countryside to large hotels at celebrated resorts, Zen Travel will support you with our knowledge, ‘inside’ information and experience-derived wisdom as well as competitive pricing: We carry a very extensive list of hotels and resorts, ask us for our prices !

Our excellent relations with the hospitality sector in Greece enable us to offer competitive prices. At the same time, we specialise in creating getaways, tours and holidays that reflect your interests and personal preferences, thereby harmoniously fusing your voyage with your stay.

Given that a business relationship does not end with the sales deal but starts with it, our after-sales services guarantee our full and effective support in case of a problem during your journey. This support is just not available through the automated sites of mass hotel and ticket sales.

Our people are our greatest asset and they are here to advise, to assist and to respond to all your needs and enquiries with quality, flair and reliability.

Zen Travel: we go the extra mile to turn all yours to smiles